Visual Analysis

Going beyond regular visualisation.

Visualisation is a key enabler to permit insight to be derived from data. The ability to clearly highlight patterns in data, look at it from various perspectives and not only report on a situation but explore its root cause is what makes it so valuable.

Not all visualisation tools are created equal but most can provide interaction with data, allowing visual dice-and-slice and filtering capabilities. Some permit extensions via R code or other languages but SDG Group can take you much further with the tools and skills at its disposal.

As well as the ability to create compelling and interactive visualisations and dashboards, the TIBCO Spotfire tool that SDG Group uses has an extensive range of built-in analytical functions and models which far surpasses other visualisation tools, permitting an analyst with business domain and analysis knowledge, but not programming skills, to go deeper via an intuitive and powerful visualisation interface. Advanced techniques such as predictive modelling and clustering are supported with an integrated, scalable, enterprise grade statistical engine, ensuring that production deployments via browser-based interactive dashboards are supported at scale.

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