Advanced Analytics

Moving from what did happen to what might.

Dashboards and reports typically focus on visualising what has already happened, advanced analytics can predict what is likely to happen or find patterns in data where they are not intuitively obvious.

Assuming that the relevant data is available, advanced analytics (including predictive analytics and machine learning) can be applied to a number of scenarios, for example predicting the likelihood that somebody will buy a particular product under a given set of circumstances (e.g. an offer or promotion); predicting machine failures based upon current operating parameters; segmenting people into groups in order to communicate with them based upon common interests or optimising an activity (e.g. route planning or stock movements), to name but a few.

The techniques for applying advanced analytics have been well known for some time but it is the recent advances in the availability of high power computing at low cost, the huge array of data now collected on almost every activity by man or machine and the wide availability of suitable software that has fuelled the recent interest.

Traditionally, a small army of programmer data scientists was required to implement advanced analytics however SDG Group provides tools that do not require programming skills, allowing business-focused analysts to develop and deploy models into production.

Our integrated toolsets also allow advanced analytics to be incorporated into visualisations and dashboards permitting a seamless integration into your business operations, thereby allowing you to finally operationalise the benefits of these powerful techniques.

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