SDG Group is a certified Alteryx Partner

Alteryx is the perfect product for you if you are looking for predictive analysis and SDG Group is in partnership with Alteryx to resell this application and deliver data analytics services using the Alteryx tools.

About Alteryx

Alteryx is a predictive end-to-end data analytics application which takes a different approach than legacy analytics platforms by offering powerful data prep and blending capabilities through an intuitive user interface that is up to 100x faster.

What Alteryx Delivers

Delivering the complete range of data preparation and blending tasks with a drag and drop workflow, building parameterised analytic applications and delivering formatted and scheduled reports – no programming required.

Alteryx empowers you with the capabilities you need to meet your organization’s analytic needs by allowing you to:

  • Self-service data prepare, blend and avail of advanced analytics
  • Deploy and share analytics at scale
  • Run customised analytic apps
  • Use empowerment operator resources


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