Fashion & Luxury Retail Diagnostic Webinar – 19.05.21

How to drastically improve your sales strategy by putting your data to work

The SDG Fashion Retail Diagnostic is a data-driven diagnostic solution created specifically for Fashion & Luxury Retail. This solution is able to identify performance inhibitors in the pre-season and in-season forecasting processes, analyse historical data to identify inefficiencies, and finally suggest new strategies and potential improvements.

During this webinar we will do a walkthrough of the solution for you to see how we are able to find inefficiencies in live customer data and understand their impact on company revenue. We will also show which strategies are the best fit for the organisation and present the end results of those strategies.

The Retail Diagnostic solution is now being used by 7 top luxury brands with great results in terms of better assortment management and purchasing, allocation & replenishment and distribution strategies.

Here are the 3 main capabilities of the Retail Diagnostic Solution:

1)     Analyse the historical data to identify weaknesses in the purchasing, assortment, and distribution both pre-season and in-season of the whole retailer, or brand, or branch.

2)     Suggest different strategies and methodologies for assortment planning, purchasing forecasting, and distribution plan.

3)     Visual dashboards and detailed reports will show how the suggested approaches will impact future performance and results enhancing the strategic decision-making process.

Speaker Profiles:


Paolo Cavagnini – SDG Group – Sr Executive in operations and supply chain innovation @ SDG Group Italy (FL&R)

Paolo is an SDG Group director with more than 20 years of consulting experience, and deep skills in both business engineering as well as the Fashion, Luxury and Retail industry. His experiences include business engineering projects for retail and operations, transformation projects within complex business environments, and design and change projects, in addition to working with clients’ CxO’s.




Francesco Rigatti – CPM Senior Consultant at SDG Group UK

Francesco is a Senior Consultant with many years of experience in Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management in Public Utilities, Fashion, Furniture, and Food & Beverage industries. Francesco is focused on the transformation of crucial business processes using powerful solutions for Data Analytics and Advanced Forecasting.


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