When is the best time to have a data strategy?

24th February 2021

A data strategy is a crucial contributor to business success but when is the best time to have one and on what should it focus?

This blog explores the key aspects of a data strategy and highlights some important considerations.


16th February 2021

SDG Group has focused its work on the opportunities offered by the application of Artificial Intelligence in telemedicine: under the supervision of the Global CEO Luca Quagini, it has dedicated its best resources for the development of two solutions that guarantee different applications in many contexts.

Is a lean financial planning process a step in the right direction?

21st October 2020

The advantage of Lean Planning for finance departments. ‘Lean Planning’ means to downsize the process of financial planning itself. It does not mean to take less time to think about the plan, but to save time in the manual handling of putting the figures together.

Learn From the Numbers, Don’t Influence Them

2nd October 2019

Data-driven organisations learn from the numbers and act-upon what the data is telling them. Others may choose to manipulate them to support a view.

An Introduction to Master Data Management (MDM)

4th September 2019

Master Data Management is a much misunderstood tool in the data-driven organisation’s armoury. This blog outlines the key problems that it addresses and the functionality that it provides.

The Case for Data Virtualization

16th August 2019

It is not always possible to consolidate all of your corporate data into a single data warehouse, in which case Data Virtualization is a powerful tool that can solve otherwise intractable problems. This blog outlines what data virtualization is and typical use cases.

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