Self Service 2.0: how to achieve Data Democratization

23rd May 2021

. In the current scenario, pharmaceutical companies will need to anticipate that value-generating information and insights will be available to their teams within analytics systems and not only be a source of reporting.

Smart Pricing: the key lever for the success of a new business model in Pharma

20th May 2021

98.6 per cent of managers aspire to a data-based culture in their organizations, but only 32.4 per cent indicate that they are successful in this regard. In this age of digital disruption, new opportunities are opened that allow us to anticipate business challenges and create a competitive advantage.

The Modern Data Architecture

17th May 2021

Leveraging cloud technologies, a modern data architecture enables a cost effective, scalable data platform to be delivered quickly. This blog explores the components of the architecture that SDG Group deploys on a regular basis.

Data Sharing: Unlock the true value of your data

13th May 2021

In the new horizon of 2021, with pressure accelerated by innovation, process optimization and production, and in the context of increasingly demanding regulations, digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry is changing the paradigm we know.

When is the best time to have a data strategy?

24th February 2021

A data strategy is a crucial contributor to business success but when is the best time to have one and on what should it focus?

This blog explores the key aspects of a data strategy and highlights some important considerations.


16th February 2021

SDG Group has focused its work on the opportunities offered by the application of Artificial Intelligence in telemedicine: under the supervision of the Global CEO Luca Quagini, it has dedicated its best resources for the development of two solutions that guarantee different applications in many contexts.

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